Tour operator and route planner for Iceland, the island of the North.

Iceland has become a very affordable destination, some might say that Iceland is among the cheap destinations.

From its beautiful capital Reykjavik, to the full circle, there are hundreds of possible vacation destinations available for the tourists; we have one of the most complete Iceland tourist info:
The blue lagoon, northern lights, the golden circle, whale watching, geysers, geothermal energy, glaciers, mountains, arctic climate, trekking, rafting, hiking, excursions, volcanoes, day tours, sightseeing and on and on.

Accommodation in Iceland vary from bed and breakfast, hotels, cottages, apartments, backpackers and luxury rooms, to satisfy every different demand of travellers.

In convention with Iceland tourist board, our office is just in the centre of Reykjavik, at Laugavegur the main shopping street in Iceland, and the agents are able to design all your customized needs and wants.
The friendly people of our country are proud to offer the nicest hospitality and we, at Nordic Visitor, will make sure that all our customers will book the best vacation tour. Whether cheap holidays or luxury travel, our travel deals are designed to accommodate all incoming type of tourists.

Our fly drive and self drive vacation packages provide car rental, Jeep and 4x4 hire depending on the adventure you are aiming at. Maps, images, guides and navigators are also included in our comprehensive travel itinerary.
We are sure you will have an unforgettable travel experience with Nordic Visitor, where quality and personal service go hand in hand.

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Witness the aftermath of the eruption in Eyjafjallajokull glacier

Experience firsthand the aftermath of the volcanic eruptions at Eyjafjallajökull and Fimmvörðuháls. We offer customized vacation packages and day tours to the area of the volcanic eruption. All of our Iceland packages are priced in Icelandic Króna (ISK). With the Favourable Exchange Rate that means you save even more money compared to packages offered by other travel agencies. 

Volcanic Iceland – 3 days/2 nights  

Interested in a short visit to Iceland to experience the aftermath of this amazing natural wonder?
See our 3 days/2 nights vacation package, including accommodation and a guided Super-jeep tour to the volcanic area.
The package also includes a visit to the Blue Lagoon. Additional nights and activities can be added to this package upon request. - Price from 78900 ISK

Please send us a request if you have any questions regarding volcano tours, you can also chat with one of our travel experts now. If you are interested in booking volcano day trips or vacation packages in very short notice - contact our experts.

Customize your volcano tour to Iceland - your wish is our command!

Your tour can include one or more of the following: 
• accommodation
• sightseeing flights over the volcanic area
• super-jeep tour to the volcanic area
• other optional services (rental car, meet and greet at airport and more - contact our experts)

If you are interested in a customized tour, we can arrange that in very short notice.

Volcano-friendly vacation packages!

Many of our existing vacation packages are very “volcano-friendly”.
Explore these best-selling packages, they can easily be changed in order to add exciting volcanic activities to them. Do not hesitate to send us a request, our travel experts can customize these packages in order to fulfil your needs:
South Iceland at leisure – self drive tour – 7 days/6 nights
Golden Circle and south coast – self drive tour – 4 days/3 nights
Reykjavik next door to nature – city break – 4 days/3 nights
Luxury weekend in Reykjavik – city break – 4 days/3 nights

Book your volcano day tour in Iceland

Experience firsthand the aftermath of the recent volcanic eruptions at Eyjafjallajökull and Fimmvörðuháls with these exclusive day tours. Travel by plane or super jeep with an expert local guide to the affected areas in South Iceland for a rare chance to witness Mother Nature‘s turbulent forces. Depending on the tour, you may see the path of the jökulhlaup (glacial flood), new fissures and lava formations, or thick layers of ash on the surrounding glacier and mountainsides.

See all volcano day tours.

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