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Iceland Travel Safety Information

Your wellbeing is important to us. During this new & changing Covid-19 era, we want you to travel with confidence in Iceland. That's why you'll find all the safety information you should need on this page. And remember, we are always here to support you if you have additional questions or concerns.

Last updated: 6 July 2020

Why Iceland is open for travel

Here are 5 quick facts on why Iceland is one of the safest travel destinations in the world just now:

If you are considering a visit to Iceland, you can also take advantage of Nordic Visitor's new Book with Confidence Plan, detailed below.

For information on all Nordic Visitor destinations, bookmark our Travel Updates page.

Getting here

Iceland is open for travel for EU and Schengen Area travellers from 15 June 2020. The borders of the Schengen Area   are open to 14 external countries including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand from July 1.

The EU is reviewing the list of countries whose residents may enter the Schengen Area every 2 weeks (14 days) from 1 July 2020.

Airlines flying to Iceland

We will continually update this list as more routes to Iceland are announced. Information is taken from the official website of Keflavík Airport   and is subject to change. Last updated on 6 July 2020.

Flying to Iceland from North America

  • Icelandair: June - Boston Logan (BOS).
    From 6 July - Seattle (SEA).
    From 20 July - Toronto (YYZ), New York (JFK)

Flying to Iceland from Europe

  • Icelandair: June - Copenhagen (CPH), Berlin Tegel (TXL), Munich (MUC), Amsterdam (AMS), Zürich (ZRH), Frankfurt (FRA), Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG), London Heathrow (LHR), Oslo (OSL), Stockholm (ARN).
    From 6 July - Dusseldorf (DUS), Billund (BLL).
    From 13 July - Hamburg (HAM), Brussels (BRU).
    From 20 July - Helsinki (HEL).
  • easyJet: From July - London Gatwick (LGW).
  • Wizz Air: June - London Luton (LTN), Budapest (BUD), Gdansk (GDN), Katowice (KTW), Krakow (KRK), Warsaw (WAW), Wroclaw (WRO), Vienna (VIE).
    From 3 July - Milan (MXP).
    From 9 August - Dortmund (DTP).
  • Transavia: Amsterdam (AMS), Paris Orly (ORY).
    From 6 July - Nantes (NTE). 
  • Czech Airlines: June - Prague (PRG).
  • Atlantic Airways: June - Vagar, Faroe Islands (FAE).
  • SAS: June - Copenhagen (CPH).
    From 1 July - Oslo (OSL).
  • Lufthansa: From 2 July - Frankfurt (FRA).
    From 5 July - Munich (MUC).
  • Norwegian: From 2 July - Oslo (OSL).
  • Air Baltic: From 13 July - Riga (RIX).
  • Austrian: From 14 July - Vienna (VIE).
  • Air Greenland: June - Nuuk (GOH).

Health & Safety measures

We care about your wellbeing

Learn what to expect and how to stay safe during your trip to Iceland. These recommendations and procedures cover health and safety best practices for before and during your tour.

Before your tour

  • As a general rule, we have always strongly recommended that all customers should have comprehensive travel insurance to meet all contingencies.
  • Please check the safety requirements and recommendations of your flight providers in advance to pack appropriate items such as hand sanitisers or face masks.
  • While most airlines require their passengers to wear a face mask during the flight, face masks are not required in Iceland. Of course, if you feel comfortable wearing a mask, feel free to pack one for your tour.
  • Hand sanitisers are widely available in Iceland, but we recommend bringing a travel-size bottle with you.
  • If you are unwell prior to your tour, and have a fever or flu-like symptoms, don’t worry. With Nordic Visitor’s Book with Confidence Plan, you have flexibility to rebook your tour without losing any money.

Arriving at Keflavik airport

  • When you arrive at the airport, you will be asked to take a virus-detecting PCR test or to quarantine for 14 days. Test results will be provided the same day or the next morning.
  • Any travellers who test positive will be required to go into quarantine at a special isolation centre at no cost. They will then be invited to undergo further tests to determine whether they are actively infected.
  • The frequency of cleaning in air terminals has been increased. There are also more hand-sanitiser stands in terminals.
  • Information videos on behaviours to prevent contagion are shown on screens in terminals, and informational posters on appropriate responses to possible infection have been put up in terminals.
  • Frontline staff at Keflavik Airport have been provided with guidelines from the chief epidemiologist of the Directorate of Health in Iceland.

During your tour

  • We are working closely with our trusted suppliers on health and safety protocols to ensure that cars, buses, hotels and other venues will be regularly cleaned and are safe for travel.
  • All travellers are encouraged to take precautionary measures to protect themselves and others, such as washing hands frequently and using sanitisers.
  • It is highly recommended that you download and use the Rakning C-19 app, which is available for iOs and Android devices.

24/7 support while in Iceland

  • We are here to support you 24/7 while on tour. You will receive a helpline number upon arrival, allowing you to connect with a travel consultant for urgent matters.

Your responsibility

  • As a good traveller, your personal responsibility is to follow guidelines issued from the World Health Organization (WHO) regarding hygiene practices and social distancing requirements.
  • It is highly recommended to download and use the Rakning C-19 app, which is available for iOs and Android devices.

Healthcare & Safety in Iceland

Iceland is a peaceful country with modern healthcare services and low levels of crime and pollution. Here are some at-a-glance facts for your reassurance:

  • Iceland has a universal healthcare system, including free in-patient hopsitalisation for insured travellers. We strongly suggest that you have comprehensive travel insurance for this reason.
  • Iceland's healthcare system is highly rated by international standards, ranking ahead of countries such as the USA, Australia and the UK

For detailed information on Iceland's healthcare and local safety advice, read our health and safety page.

Book with Confidence Plan

Take advantage of this special programme, designed to give you peace of mind when you visit Iceland in 2020 or 2021.

These terms apply to new bookings made from 1 June through 31 August 2020, with arrivals starting from 15 June 2020 and running throughout 2021.

  • Risk-free booking: this updated cancellation insurance means you can rebook your tour dates or cancel your trip without losing any money you paid.*
  • Free Covid-19 test: we will cover the cost of Covid-19 tests required to enter Iceland.*
  • Quarantine support: if you are instructed to quarantine while in Iceland, related accommodation and healthcare costs are covered, and we will refund or credit any payments to us.*

*Terms and conditions apply - read the details on the Book With Confidence Plan page.

Frequently asked questions

We are continuing to monitor the situation and are providing regular updates. Below are answers to some of the more common questions that Nordic Visitor customers are asking.

Quarantine is not required unless you test positive on arrival, or come into contact with someone who has tested positive. 

To enter Iceland you will be given an alternative to quarantine. You simply take a quick PCR test that detects Covid-19 at the airport. This test will be offered free of charge from 15 June to 1 July, and will cost ISK 11,000 per test after that (or ISK 9,000 if paid in advance). ISK 11,000 is equal to around USD $80, AUD $116 , EUR €71 or GBP £65.

As a Nordic Visitor customer, you can send us proof of payment for the Covid-19 test and we will refund this cost.

In the event of quarantine, accommodation is covered by the government of Iceland, and further tests or treatments will be free of charge. As part of our Book With Confidence Plan, Nordic Visitor also offers exclusive guarantees that protect your tour payment, as well as our 24/7 phone support line as standard.

All you need to do is send us proof of payment for the test, such as a receipt, and we will refund you the fee. You can choose between a refund to the same credit card you used to book your tour, or a service upgrade for the same amount.

Following the test, you can leave the airport. You do not need to self-quarantine at this point, but should take preventive measures to protect yourself and others from infection.

You can expect to receive your test results within 24 hours, usually on the same day, or the following morning for those arriving later than 17:00. Your test results will arrive through the app (Rakning C-19), or through a text message. If you test positive, you will receive a phone call notifying you.

In the event that you test positive, you may be offered to undergo further tests to determine whether or not you have an active Covid-19 infection. In the case of an active infection, you will be required to self-isolate and will be provided with accommodation at a specialised isolation centre at no cost to you. Read more details on isolation requirements here  .

As part of our Book With Confidence Plan, Nordic Visitor also offers exclusive guarantees that protect your tour payment. You will also have access to our 24/7 customer helpline for support from our local travel consultants.

Yes. Our consultants are organising trips for customers who are booking for summer 2020, starting from 15 June. You can also choose from a variety of winter tours, including our popular New Year’s Eve experiences and northern lights packages.

If you’re considering overseas travel in 2021 instead, we are currently taking bookings for a variety of tours in all of our destinations.

Yes, you can book with confidence with Nordic Visitor’s flexible booking terms. You will never lose money on your Nordic Visitor tour booking.

Through our Book with Confidence programme, you will not lose money on your Nordic Visitor tour. You can alter your booking dates on one occasion with no change fees, or you can cancel and receive your payment back as a combination of refund and travel credit.

You can expect some changes, but some of them could be beneficial. The way that people travel will naturally change for a while. This brings a few positive points such as fewer crowds at major attractions, as well as quieter roads and landscapes. One of the unique benefits of Iceland is that nature is always open.

Yes, the service level is similar. Some museums and activities may have limited hours, but restaurants and hotels will be open.

Our guided small group tours have always featured smaller groups of up to 16 people at most. In response to Covid-19, we at Nordic Visitor are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our guests on our small group tours.

We have put in place safety procedures in accordance with the guidelines set by the Icelandic Directorate of Health. At the start of your tour, our guides will go over these procedures with the group. Our vehicles are equipped with hand-sanitiser, and the mini-bus and major touch points will be sanitised regularly, and the bus thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day.

Yes. You can change your booking to a self-drive tour, without any changing fees.

Face masks are not required in Iceland, but if you feel more comfortable wearing one, you are welcome to bring masks.

If you are feeling ill or think you may have symptoms of Covid-19, you are encouraged to contact the health care helpline through the app Rakning C-19, the information portal www.covid.is, by phone by dialling 1700 or, if calling from a foreign phone number, at +354 544 4113.

If you are unsure of what to do, speak to our consultants on Nordic Visitor’s 24/7 helpline. We are always here to help, answer questions and provide advice.

Safety resources

We have gathered a list of official governmental and health organisation information.

Icelandic government and tourism advice:

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