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We’ve had the pleasure of creating unforgettable travel experiences for tens of thousands of clients from over 80 countries, many of whom were recommended to us by friends and family.


What people are saying about us

We don't like to brag about ourselves, so here are some nice things our travellers had to say.

Ann Bragg

Iceland Full Circle Classic, June 2019

The trip was excellent!

Overall the trip was excellent! I am glad to have come across Nordic Visitor online. Aside from the time savings, we had a much better travel experience than we would have if we'd tried to plan everything for ourselves.

Geoffrey Rosevear

South & West Iceland at Leisure, May 2019

Extremely happy

We were extremely happy with Nordic Visitor with our pretour communication with Perla and the information we received on arrival. All drivers were very good with airport pickup and hotel transfers to the rental car agency.

Cait Foss

South Iceland Classic, June 2019

Nordic Visitor made it so easy!

Going to visit a different country that you have never been to can be overwhelming. Nordic Visitor made it so easy for my husband and I to travel to Iceland and have a wonderful time! Everything was mapped out for us and we could do what we wanted, but with guidance, so we were not scrambling around with no direction. What a beautiful place! You guys made our anniversary so special!!!! Thank you so very much!

Gerlinde Pelinka

Iceland Full Circle Classic, June 2019

As always, it was fantastic!

This is my third tour with Nordic Visitor. As always, it was fantastic. Many thanks, I will be back for sure!

Danielle Walker

South Iceland Classic, May 2019

This was the easiest trip I have ever gone on!

I absolutely loved the travel documents. It made the trip so easy and smooth. The packet was so informative and I loved the map to be able to see what was along our route so we could plan our stops along the route before hand. This was the easiest trip I have ever gone on. I've booked many trips through different travel agencies and none have ever gone this smooth. I wish you were everywhere so I'd never have to use another agency. (More of Europe, Africa, Australia South America, ect).

Henry Rosas

South & West Iceland Classic, May 2019

We love the service!

Please keep the high standard. We love the service, the details for our Anniversary, the recommendations, the quick replies. You are one of the best tour operators in Europe. Thanks!