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The Mecca of the Icelandic horse

Skagafjörður is one of the most historically famous districts in Iceland. Sometimes called the Mecca of horsemanship thanks to its abundance of Icelandic horses, it is a wide valley reaching south towards the Hofsjökull glacier.

In the south, the glacial rivers Austari-Jökulsá and Vestari-Jökulsá have carved out magnificent gorges, while to the east there’s an impressive mountain range that peaks at Grasárdalshnjúkur (1,268 metres).

The islands Málmey and Drangey are found just off the coast, making the views out to sea more interesting and the sunsets dazzling.

Within Skagafjörður is the folk museum at Glaumbær, situated in an old traditional turf farmhouse dating back to 1750. The museum explores life in historic rural Iceland and also commemorates the lives of Þorfinnur Karlsefni and his wife Guðríður. In the 11th century, the couple travelled to North America and Guðríður gave birth to what is believed to be the first European child born in North America.

Another popular attraction in the Skagafjörður area is Grettislaug, or “Grettir’s Pool.” This naturally-warmed pool is near an abandoned farm on a beachhead where the legendary outlaw of Grettir’s Saga, Grettir the Strong, warmed his cold, aching body after swimming over seven kilometres from the island of Drangey. From the pool, you can admire views of the snow-streaked mountain face of Tindastóll (989 metres) or Drangey Island and the pounding ocean waves.

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