Sólfarið - The Sun Voyager

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An iconic sculpture by the sea

Sólfarið, or The Sun Voyager, is an iconic statue along the seaside of Reykjavík unveiled to mark the 200th birthday of the city of Reykjavík on August 18, 1990. Designed by artist Jón Gunnar, the statue is built of stainless steel and is the artist’s interpretation of a dreamboat and ode to the sun. Jón’s intention was to give the city something that inspired dreams and imagination and symbolizes light and hope. It is not, as some think, a Viking ship. 

The statue, located along Sæbraut, as part of Reykjavík’s sculpture walking path. Sólfarið measures 18 metres in length and is on a circular stone platform jutting into the sea that the artists called “Jónsnes” (Jón’s Peninsula).

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