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Stand in the massive hoof print of Sleipnir

The lush Ásbyrgi canyon is more than one kilometre wide and over three kilometres long, shaped like a massive horseshoe.

Legend has it that the canyon acquired its distinct horseshoe shape thanks to Sleipnir, the 8-legged flying horse of Norse god Odin. While Odin was out on a joy ride with Sleipnir one fine day, the horse accidentally touched one of its giant hooves onto the earth, creating the mighty canyon.

Though this explanation for the canyon’s unique shape is completely reasonable and believable, geologists assert that two massive floods from Vatnajökull glacier are responsible for its formation, the first 10,000 years ago and the second 3,000 years ago.

The large rock “island” in the centre of the canyon, and its high surrounding walls have sheltered the area enough to allow for lush greenery to grow throughout. The acoustics also make the odd passing car sound like a warbling spaceship. It’s a very special place for a hike or just for a quick picnic.

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