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Phones & mobile service

Learn more about Iceland's network, phone compatibility and international calls

Iceland has one of the highest rates of mobile phone usage in the world, and mobile phones work in all towns and virtually all main travel routes.

Prepaid SIM cards

If you wish to use your mobile phone for local calls during your stay, you can purchase a prepaid SIM card from Síminn or Vodafone. You can also purchase credit refill cards at most gas/petrol stations or convenience stores in Iceland, usually in denominations of 500, 1.000, or 2.000 ISK.

With a prepaid Icelandic SIM card, incoming calls are not charged, so your friends and family can call you on your mobile phone without using up your credit. Only they will pay the international call charges. Please note that your phone must be GSM compatible.

European and North American phone service

Most European mobile phones work on Iceland’s GSM network. However, many North American phones use a different standard. It may also be necessary to contact your telephone service provider to “unlock” your phone for international use.

This also applies if you plan to use your phone on your regular service without a prepaid SIM card.

Making international calls

The country code into Iceland from abroad is 354 plus the seven-digit number. Long-distance calls can be made to Europe and the USA by dialling 00 plus the country code and the telephone number you wish to reach.

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